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Privacy: Donor Privacy

Donors can be assured that recipients are well aware of the importance of privacy and discretion in the egg donation process. Recipients are as interested in maintaining the privacy of all information as are NY LifeSpring LLC, the medical facilities with which we work, and the donors themselves. In fact, one of the most common reasons that recipients choose NY LifeSpring LLC is to maintain their own confidentiality throughout the donation process.
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     By default, the donor's identity is kept confidential. Any information that directly identifies her is withheld from the recipients, who are instead given the reference number assigned to her by NY LifeSpring LLC. However, the recipients do see the donor's photographs, medical history, genetic history and physical description.
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Donor privacy is protected by NY LifeSpring LLC in a number of ways:
  • We do not make donor photos or profiles available on our web site. Anyone who wants to view donor information must participate in a paid consultation that usually lasts around two hours.
  • Donors are identified by a reference number, not by name.
  • Recipients who receive donor information agree not to share the information with anyone other than the legal and medical professionals who are assisting them.
  • We work only with established, well-respected medical facilities staffed by professionals who respect donor privacy.
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