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About the Donors: General Information

Most of the donors offered by NY LifeSpring LLC are young Israeli women. Virtually all are nature- and sports-loving, with healthy, active lifestyles. All are between 21 and 32 years old and are personally interviewed by Israeli native Ruth Tavor, covering topics such as favorite books and art, military experience, where they were raised, education, style of travel as well as many other details that help form a picture of the whole person.
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     Some of the women are already students or have finished studying, but most have recently finished their 2 years of military service (mandatory in Israel). This serious activity, undertaken at the age of 18, makes these young adults tend to be more mature and responsible as a group when compared to other women of the same age.
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     Many of the young people in Israel take time off between finishing their military service and beginning their studies at the University. During this time, they will often travel to South America or the Far East on an adventurous, life shaping trip. Alone or in couples, they strike out with backpacks for many months of world travel. One of the most popular stops along the way is New York City, where they often spend weeks or months on their way to or from other destinations.
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