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About the Donors: Jewish Egg Donors

Because of our ability to communicate effectively with both the Israeli and American Jewish communities, NY LifeSpring LLC is able to match recipients with exceptional Jewish egg donors.
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     Megen DavidMost of our Jewish donors are compassionate young women who grew up in Israel and have recently completed their military service, which is mandatory in Israel. Some have entered the University or completed their studies, and some are about to begin their undergraduate degrees. Before entering the University, many take a grand trip to the Far East, South America or some other distant and exotic destination. A good number of them travel first to the U.S., and New York City in particular, visiting family and friends.
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     These women are normally outgoing, confident and open minded, as evidenced by their adventurous spirits. They are generally healthy, both mentally and physically, with active social networks and a sense of warmth and ease around strangers. Doing a good deed, or mitzvah, is among their most frequently listed reasons for donating.
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     There is a spectrum of Jewish heritage in Israel, from Sephardic to Ashkenazi, from observant to secular. For Jewish recipients who desire to find a Jewish egg donor with physical and cultural characteristics similar to their own, this spectrum allows matching across a wide range.
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